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How to Choose a Trucking Service
Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. dates back to the 1920s, when horses were still the most reliable pulling power. It was then that Elmer Anderson contracted with a timber company to haul logs. He later used his military training to build a successful trucking service. Today, the company has more than 8,000 drivers, and has over four million miles of service in all 48 contiguous states. In an interview, he said that his war experience helped him distinguish between a leader and a boss.

When choosing a trucking company, be sure to consider the size of the load. Some trucking companies offer full-time loads, while others offer partial loads. Choose a company that offers both sizes. This way, you can be sure that the company is able to handle the freight handling and delivery you need. If you want your trucking service to handle all aspects of the shipping process, consider using a freight forwarding company. These professionals have the expertise to get your cargo from point A to point B, and even handle customs clearance.

The use of trucks started in the military during World War I. Then, in the 1930s, commercial trucking started to gain ground. With public safety concerns, government regulations were put in place to regulate truck driving hours. On July 1, 2012, the hours-of-service rule was revised. In addition, the government began to develop the Interstate Highway System, which was a network of highways and freeways. It helped to increase the efficiency of the trucking industry and helped to make travel safer.

As the economy continues to grow, there are new challenges and opportunities for trucking companies. One of these is the need to adapt to the ever-changing transportation landscape. Several companies have embraced rail as a method of transporting goods for the last mile. Another problem is the cost of fuel. Additional fuel costs will impact the whole economy. Some consumers may even cut their spending in an effort to deal with rising prices. This will ultimately decrease the number of shipping services, which will lead to fewer profits for trucking companies.

One way to differentiate a trucking service from a regular company is by its delivery options. Door-to-door services are available across the country and often take place at the point of origin or at a manufacturing facility. Rather than having a truck driver pick up a load from a warehouse, the trucking company will take it directly to the consumer. The typical truckload process would require one driver and one truck, but door-to-door trucking services are becoming increasingly popular.

A third-party trucking service helps businesses save money. Using a third-party company can help businesses reduce the costs related to labor and benefits. Small and medium enterprises can afford to save money by focusing on other essential aspects of their business. For example, companies can focus on improving their brand and reducing costs associated with running a trucking service. And they can use the money saved to hire more employees and streamline operations. If your company is in a hurry, hiring a trucking service can help it get your goods to the right place.

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